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Get all your questions answered

How long does it take to create a website?

Even if the question is legitimate, it is impossible to give you a precise answer without knowing your project. Indeed each creation is different and will require more or less time. This will depend on the scale and complexity of your future project. As soon as we have discussed together, it will be easier to give you a more precise idea.

Combien ça coûte de faire un site internet

Encore une fois cela dépend de votre projet. Voulez-vous un site vitrine? un e-commerce? Nombre de pages? Combien d'articles? Nombre d'extension etc... A cela il faut ajouter le prix du nom de domaine (souvent gratuit la 1ère année) et l'hébergeur du site (le prix varie en fonction du fournisseur). Après avoir pris contact avec vous et échangé à propos de votre projet, je serai ravie d'établir un devis.

Why hire a freelancer rather than a web agency?

Calling on a freelancer offers you a major advantage: I know your project from A to Z. As of our first exchanges, I will take into account all of your requests. I am your one and only interlocutor. Reachable during opening days and hours, you are sure to come across the right person to answer you.

Am I the right person for your project?

Whether you are self-employed, craftsman, artist or other, you may need to present your activity. Regardless of the sector in which you evolve, I can adapt to your graphic charter or define it with you. Your site will have a design adapted to your expectations and the requirements of your activity.

How is the creation of a website going?


Getting in touch / Discussions

Reflections & 1st creation

Exchanges & Modifications

Testing & Finalization

Launch !

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